Buffalo Squeeze-Fest July 6-10, 2016

AAA presents Buffalo SqueezeFest Award Winners

This year's AAA Competition heralded the "best of the best" from around the U.S., Canada and Slovakia! The Adam's Mark Hotel in Buffalo was the site for the competition, workshops and array of exhibits. Guest Artists for "An Evening With The Stars" concert at The Tralf included incredible performances from Grayson Masefield (New Zealand), Cory Pesaturo (Rhode Island), Ginny Mac and Glenn McLaughlin (Texas), Guy Klucevsek (New York), Dr. Robert Young McMahan and Nora Sirbaugh (New Jersey), and Alexander Sevastian with Quartetto Gelato (Toronto, Canada). The full house audience was spellbound with the variety and virtuosity of these incredible artists.

The week's activities started with a "Meet and Greet" party, where accordionists entertained attendees and guests from the local press with music of all genres. Representatives from the local NPR, The Buffalo News, TV cameras from national and local stations (WGRZ – NBC, Channel 7 – ABC Eyewitness News), radio interviews, and calendar listings in Artvoice added to the excitement, and brought in the participation of many "locals" to see and hear our amazing instrument!

For the competition, students were adjudicated on the quality of their performance, age, and years of study. With this in mind, the judges awarded Bronze and Silver medals, with Trophies for the Superior performances.

Here are the results:

Open Solos

Silver Medals - Daniel Benedetti and Liam McCool

Superior Trophies - Reagan Ciccone, Max Hoffman, Gia Ciccone, Alexander Lammers, Joseph Klettner, Nathan Chapeton, Cody McSherry, Denis Marko Dubjel and Will Comer

Founder's Solos

Silver Medal – Anton Klettner

Superior Trophies – Nathan Chapeton, Daniel Benedetti, Liam McCool and Will Comer

Ethnic Solos

Bronze Medal – Gia Ciccone

Silver Medals – Joseph Klettner, Anton Klettner and Will Comer

Superior Trophies – Nathan Chapeton, Cody McSherry, and Denis Marko Dubjel 

Pop Solos

Silver Medals – Gia Ciccone and Max Hoffman

Superior Trophy – Denis Marko Dubjel

Jazz Solos

Silver Medals – Daniel Benedetti and Will Comer

Standard Solo

Superior Trophy – Damaley Richards

Adult Solo

Silver Medal – Monique Bellemare

Superior Trophy – Reine St-Louis

Open Duets

Silver Medals – Max Hoffman & Alexander Lammers, Joseph & Anton Klettner, and Gia Ciccone & Cody McSherry Open

Mixed Duet

Superior Trophies – Joseph and Anton Klettner

Senior Ensemble

1st place – Busso Senior Ensemble

Entertainment AAA – Participation

Busso Festival Orchestra

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