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1. Maddelena Belfiore had such an enormous Massed Band (1000 accordionists!) in Nashville, Tennessee that she was hoisted up in a cherry picker to conduct the “Tennessee Waltz”, 1980.
2. Myron Floren conducted the Festival Orchestra in Philadelphia, 1996.
3. Joan C. Sommers conducts the Massed Band in 1995, Houston, Texas.

Were you in any of these massed band photos? Do you have memories of American Accordionists' Association (AAA) events in photos that are special to you? I am creating an “ongoing” online article featuring photos from AAA events dating back to 1938. All events and all years are welcome!

This article will be on the AAA website in the “Articles AAA History” section at It will be Article #43 and will hopefully grow regularly with all of your contributions! I have many boxes of photos and memorabilia from AAA achievements, events and competitions. It is important to me that this rich history of our now 86 year old organization will always be available to the public and accordion enthusiasts worldwide.

Picture below: Washington, DC, 1997, Joan C. Sommers conducting

Please send photos and descriptions to my email address:

Full List of Articles by AAA Historian, Joan Grauman Morse

Titles in red link to the article. The remaining titles will be linked soon as time permits.

01. AAA Formation, 2018, What Events Led to the Formation of the American Accordionists' Association?

02. AAA-History 2018, Documenting the Fascinating History of the AAA

03. AAA logos and promotional materials, 2018, 80 Years of AAA Logos and Promotional Materials

04. Accordion instruction, 2018, Timeless Articles on Accordion Instruction

05. AAA-Schools 2018, Growing up in the accordion schools: The 1950s through the 1970s

06. Brian Berlin, 2016, Brian Berlin: Using the accordion to teach music in elementary school

07. AAA-Biviano-Magnante 2018, Joseph Biviano and Charles Magnante - A Lifetime Commitment to the American Accordionists' Association (AAA)

08. Manny Bobenrieth, 2014, Meet US Army Accordionist, Sergeant Major Manuel Bobenrieth

09. Frank Busso, 2017, Spotlight on Frank Busso - Musician, Educator, Conductor and Ambassador of the Accordion

10. Joe Cerrito, 2016, Joe Cerrito: Consummate Musician and Extraordinary Educator
Joe Cerrito Performs with the Venice Symphony Orchestra

11. Lou Coppola and Joan Sommers, 2015, The First to Represent the US at the Coupe Mondiale - Still Going Strong 60 Years Later

12. Lou Coppola, 2013, AAA US Virtuoso Champion in the 1950s is still making great music six decades later
Lou Coppola, 2018, AAA Lifetime Achievement Award Presentation to Lou Coppola
Lou Coppola, 2020, Obituary

13. AAA-Curnow 2018, Beverly Roberts Curnow - 1964 World Fair Accordion Queen and 1965 World Accordion Champion still bringing joy with her beloved instrument

14. Guy Klucevsek and Cody McSherry - 2017, A Heartwarming Story of Coincidences

15. Guy Klucevsek, 2018, Accordionist and composer, Guy Klucevsek, has "an experience of a lifetime"

16. Guy Klucevsek, 2020, Just Released! “VIGNETTES, Short Pieces for Accordion” Delightful original compositi ons by Guy Klucevsek

17. Frank Marocco, 2012, The Accordion World Lost a Great Musician and Friend, Frank Marocco: January 2, 1931 - March 3, 2012

18. Joey Miskulin, 2019, reprinted from the AAA Festival Journal 2019, Valley Forge, PA.

20. William Morse, 2017, Dr. William Morse - World renowned conductor and jazz pianist returns to the instrument of his youth

21. Joyce Palmer, 2015, Meet Washington DC's Own Joyce Palmer - A Beautiful Story

22. Carmelo Pino, 2009, Gentle Giant of the Accordion World - Dr. Carmelo Pino

25. Joan Sommers, 2018, Professor Joan Cochran Sommers - Consummate musician, educator, arranger and conductor

26. Reed and Tokarski, 2018, Spotlight on Linda Soley Reed and Mary Tokarski

27. Gabe Hall-Rodriques and Jamie Maschler Catching Up With “Creosote”

28. And All Because of a Bumper Sticker JoAnn Pankow and Art Piel - USA

29. Memories of “Mama Stella” Allison, Maryland - USA

30. Passing of Rose-Marie Bruno Coppola, Bridgeport - USA

31. Anthony Mecca (1921-2015), Connecticut - USA, Preface by Joan Grauman, article by Rob Howard

32. The Accordion in the Media Spanning the Decades
      Part 1: The late 1920s to 1960
      Part 2: 1960 on

33. Spotlight on Peter DiGiovanni — Accordionist, Composer, Arranger, and Technical “Whiz”

34. The Pioneer Women of the American Accordionists’ Association, Part 1 Introduction

35. The Pioneer Women of the American Accordionists’ Association, Part II Addie Cere (1919-2005)

36. The Pioneer Women of the American Accordionists’ Association, Part III Maddalena Belfiore

37. The Pioneer Women of the American Accordionists’ Association, Part IV Alice Essie Bradshaw

38. The Pioneer Women of the American Accordionists’ Association, Part V Teresa Costello

39. The Pioneer Women of the American Accordionists’ Association, Part VI Elsie Bennett

40. The Pioneer Women of the American Accordionists’ Association, Part VII Remembering the Wonderful, Unforgettable Faithe Deffner (1931-2014)

41. Gratitude for my almost 68 years of love for the accordion! written by Joan Grauman with introduction by Rita Barnea.

42. Jimmy Stewart’s “It’s a Wonderful Accordion Life” written by Joan Grauman.

43. Memories of AAA Events Through the Decades written by Joan Grauman.

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2024 Elsie M. Bennett Accordion Composition Competition. Information and entry: Entry closing date, May 12, 2024.

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