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9th July Kennedy Center AAA Promotional Concert

Kennedy Center PosterMulti World Champion winner Grayson Masefield was sponsored by the American Accordionists' Association (AAA) to perform at the Kennedy Center Millenium Stage and promote the 80th Anniversary Festival of the AAA which starts two days after this concert.

The concert program was designed to demonstrate the musical capabilities of the accordion showcasing Baroque & Classical periods through to original works for the accordion in both concert and entertainment styles. Composers included Bach, Scarlatti, Mozart, Angelis, Hermosa to modern styles like Nuevo Tango.

The Kennedy Center broadcast the concert live and some 60 minutes after the concert ended, the video was then placed in the Kennedy Center video archive library for viewing at any time.

Video: Complete concert at Kennedy Center Millenium Stage, concert by Grayson Masefield, introduction by AAA Historian Joan Grauman, © 2018 John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts.

The large video screen was nice for people to watch as well as watchin the live performance. There were 4 professional video cameras and camera people filming with the camera work being mixed as the concert went along. The sound quality was excellent for the audience with very nice lighting too.
Grayson announced his works to the audience. The concert started with two Baroque works.
A closer picture of the very large video screen above the Millennium Stage. The video above the stage featured lots of close ups which was interesting for the large audience to be able to see closely the bass and treble fingerwork.
Powerful performance.
Video camera picture in the foreground and the stage further away.
Video to come
As Grayson moved the program into more recent times, including entertainment works, he was more active on the stage.
Should I caption this: "putting the boot in!!!"
Energetic action while performing the popular melodies of the famous Tico Tico.
Two standing ovations by the large audience to finish off a most successful concert promoting the AAA 80th Anniversary Festival starting on Wednesday.

2018 Festival

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July 11-15, 2018
Holiday Inn Hotel and Suites
Alexandria, VA 22314

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